3 important features of a wine cork

The wine cork is one of the most important parts of a bottle of wine. The natural material that seals the inside from outside air, and prevents any kind of chemical reaction with the contents. Cork is harvested from oak trees in Portugal and Spain – it’s created as part of its natural growth cycle, before being cut down to size for use in wineries throughout Europe!

There are 7 key features we think you should know about wine corks:

1) The corkscrew allows us to remove the cork from the bottle, which can be difficult because it expands as it dries out.

2) Cork taint refers to when the taste or smell of chemicals in the cork affects how we experience our beverage.

3) Corks break down over time so there needs to be enough space between them on top of each other so they don’t become stuck together, causing an airtight seal.